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April 9, 2024

Project Update

Nightwork for sidewalks scheduled for Tuesday, April 9th

Markings, Inc. will be onsite to hatch the crosswalks at the following locations:

  • Church Street
  • Fire Station
  • Pleasant Street
  • Commonwealth Ave.
  • Hayden Rowe at Main Street and the crossing on Hayden Rowe

A.F. Amorello will be onsite on Wednesday, April 10 for work related to:

  • Construction signage
  • Broken signpost by the Muffin House
  • Electric screw at 17 Main Street
  • Street Sweeping

A Construction Meeting was held on Tuesday, March 26, 2024.

Eversource Work
Eversource again informed the town that there is no update on the availability of transformers. Eversource anticipates being onsite within a week or two to start the overhead transfer work on the west side of the project. Eversource would transfer their existing overhead lines over to the new utility poles already installed. Other utility companies will be contacted once Eversource starts this work.

Underground Utility Service Connections
Amorello’s electrical subcontractor, Dagle Electric, is scheduled to be onsite the week of April 1st to begin pulling wires in the underground conduits already installed between the utility handholes in the sidewalk to the building foundations. This work will be between the sidewalk and the building with no access to buildings being required for this work. Property owners where this work is scheduled have been notified.

Traffic Pole and Peeling Paint
No update. MassDOT has informed the town that the manufacturer was submitting a new process for in-place repair. The previous in-place repair process that was being tried on another project failed. No decision has been made on whether the poles will be removed or replaced. MassDOT said another community will be trying a different in-place repair process when the weather is appropriate. MassDOT will proceed from there to determine if this new process could be used for Hopkinton’s project.

Several crosswalks were restriped as they were fading. The crosswalk on Main Street at Hayden Rowe was also repositioned and the existing striping was blacked out. MassDOT has agreed, once the weather allows, to restripe crosswalks again. A few crosswalk locations across Main Street will be diagonally striped to increase the visibility of those crosswalks.

Brickwork and Landscaping
MassDOT has approved all the brickwork changes for the project, including the new location on the north side of Main between Walcott and Ash Streets. The Town has provided MassDOT with all the backup information and the signed change order. Brickwork will take place after the underground utility infrastructure has been completed. Brickwork may be done in areas where undergrounding isn’t being proposed (Wood Street to the Police Station) and the overhead utilities can be transferred to the new utility poles. The town will be submitting a final landscaping plan to MassDOT within a couple of weeks. The plans will include all the brick changes as well as all the landscaping additions the town wants added to the project.

MassDOT has requested a proposed Contract Extension for utility work through July 1, 2025.

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